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Short Overview

Synk has a brief, security, and compliance-combined page. The page provides information about compliance certifications and attestations, including ISO and SOC and GDPR compliance. In addition, there are quick links to the company privacy policy and subprocessor list that give details about the level of data processing by the third parties used. While the security landing page itself is limited in terms of details, Synk has a link to its Security Portal on the page, which displays all security, compliance, and privacy info about the company in a Trust Center format.

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Security Page Structure

Synk has a single page on its website dedicated to platform security and compliance. However, it also provides a Security Portal consisting of a collection of security, compliance, and privacy-related details.

Security Page link:

Compliance Page:

Page highlights

  • Compliance certificate and attestation highlights including SOC and ISO
  • Laws and regulations complied regarding data privacy such as GDPR as well as links to the privacy policy and subprocessor list for details of privacy posture in relation to third-parties
  • Quick link to Synk's Security Portal that summarizes its security, compliance, and privacy stance, including information on infrastructure, network, and endpoint security
  • Two calls to action encouraging prospects to book a demo or sign up for free

Compliance Certifications

  • ISO 27001-27017
  • SOC 2 Type 2
  • CCPA
  • GDPR

Best practices checklist

This checklist is based on the Minimum Viable Secure Product and the information on the concerning platform’s security and compliance pages.

Note that some details might be missing if the information is mentioned in a whitepaper or login-required Trust Portal and not directly on the page.

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Backup and disaster recovery
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External testing
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Incident handling
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Single sign-on
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Backup and disaster recovery
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